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Best place to make a home in Atlantic County NJ

Homebuyers and investors are buying up the beach property in Atlantic County NJ, before prices start rising again. Here’s an insider tip: pay close attention to the Downbeach parts of the island. The most valuable property and beautiful homes are within the borders of Ventnor, Margate, and Longport.

Downbeach area’s location is the most valuable in Atlantic County NJ.


Atlantic County NJ offers a wide range of environments for residents and locals to enjoy. It’s centrally located and bustling with activity. From the flashy entertainment of Atlantic City to the charming innocence of nearby Ocean City, the local beach towns differ tremendously. Major retail areas, excellent hospitals and private schools can be found on the mainland, just a short drive from the island.

With so many choices, it’s hard to decide where to settle down in Atlantic County NJ.

Good news- you can have it all! The Downbeach area of the island offers the best of everything: a beautiful, quiet beach environment to enjoy, with the excitement of the city just blocks down the boardwalk, and the mainland’s attractions still within driving distance.

Ventnor, Margate, and Longport are connected, in that order, boasting the most valuable location in all of Atlantic County NJ. These three towns are covered with beautiful, groomed beaches and they share the boardwalk that connects with Atlantic City.

The location of Ventnor, Margate, and Longport can’t be beat. It’s by far the best place to invest in property in Atlantic County NJ. Check out the Downbeach real estate in these beach towns.

  • Shares a boardwalk connecting to Atlantic City
  • Access to the mainland via Longport bridge and Margate bridge
  • Shuttle and bus service for easy transportation
  • Bicycle lanes and plans for added bike riding accommodations
  • Mostly residential, with small businesses mixed in
  • Charming downtown areas on Atlantic Avenue and Ventnor Avenue
  • Clean streets and frequently combed beaches
  • Maintained public parks and landscaped public areas
  • Street parking and private lots


The environment Downbeach is the calmest and safest place in Atlantic County NJ.

Ventnor, Margate, and Longport join to provide a calm and quiet atmosphere. You can expect the vibe to be peaceful and relaxing, even during the peak summer months.

The safe environment can be attributed to the local police department. Margate’s police officers do an excellent job helping to keep Atlantic County NJ safe. The local police force received a perfect score when they were recently evaluated, and that’s a very tough thing to do. They are considered to be one of the best police departments- not only in Atlantic County NJ, but also in the entire state of New Jersey.

The people of Margate, Longport, and Ventnor are overall very friendly and respectful, and they help to keep the Downbeach area clean and safe. This is a favorite section for most Atlantic County NJ residents. Locals often drive from the mainland to enjoy the relaxing beaches and browse the unique shops downtown.

Property in Longport is more expensive than the rest of the Downbeach area. There is a high demand for houses in Longport. Not only is it beautiful and very prestigious, but Longport is exceptionally safe and has a very low crime rate. Longport was placed on the list of the ten safest suburbs in New Jersey. When you look statistics, violent crime is nonexistent, and criminal activity is very low compared to the rest of Atlantic County NJ.

Atlantic County NJ residents are an active community, all year round.


The residents of Ventnor/Margate/Longport are all about community, all year round. Although these beach towns are filled with vacation homes, there are homes occupied by year round residents, too.

During the off-season, locals ban together and host events for themselves while the tourism is at it’s lowest. Most residents are retirees or families with small children. The locals know each other and enjoy spending summers on the beach with the neighboring friends. No matter the time of year, the Downbeach locals are all about community and supporting each other.

There is always something to do at the Jewish Community Center, located in Margate. The JCC is where most kids and teens gather to play basketball or swim in the pool. There is a full schedule of classes and activities offered for children and adults.

Every Thursday morning during the summer, Margate has a Community Farmers Market. Local farmers and vendors set up tables at the end of North Monroe Avenue to sell locally grown produce and products. There is a cult-like following of shoppers who buy up the raw honey, organic baby food, and fresh homemade breads every week. If you want to meet the locals, you can find them on the beach or at the Community Farmers Market.

The public library in Ventnor is another meeting place for locals. You can pick up a copy of the events calendar at the library. Cardholders can register for classes and workshops that are held throughout the year. During the summer, the library also hosts entertaining activities that are open to everyone.

Make your home in Atlantic County NJ’s best beach towns.


The Downbeach section of Atlantic County NJ is the place to be! You will fit into the great community and have access to gorgeous beaches, unique shops, and fantastic entertainment. The property value is high, and it’s rising. If you’re fortunate to find an affordable property in Margate, Ventnor, or Longport, make it your own before the opportunity is lost to someone else!