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8 Advantages to buying New Construction Homes in NJ

If you’re leaning towards buying a previously owned home, I will give you 8 reasons to start changing your mind. New construction homes in NJ are the smarter choice, because you will truly get your money’s worth.

New Construction Homes in NJ will cost less and offer more.

  1. Low Maintenance and Fewer Repairs… Buying a used house at the Jersey Shore is risky. Older beach houses have taken a beating due to the salt air and maybe even some flooding. Resale homes, even in the greatest condition, require heavy maintenance to keeps things running. Old appliances need TLC and you could pay through the nose for structural renovations. A newly built house will eliminate these risks. It’s wise to have new construction homes in NJ thoroughly inspected before closing, but you’re not likely to find any major surprises. New construction homes in NJ need very little maintenance or repair, if any!

  2. Covered by Warranties... Brand new houses come with warranties directly from the builders. In the off chance that something was done incorrectly or something unusual happens, the warranties will cover all materials and workmanship and systems (electrical, plumbing, HVAC) for up to ten years. Newly installed appliances also carry a manufacturers warranty or service warranty. If the new stove or dryer stops working, you can have it repaired or replaced for free.

  3. More Efficient Technology... Everyone knows that aged technology becomes obsolete. There is no question that the latest models of washing machines and heating systems are far more efficient than they were a decade ago. If you buy a ten-year- old house equipped with old appliances and systems, they will not only cost more to operate but they will not work very well. The air quality you get with new heating, air conditioning and ventilation (HVAC) systems is cleaner than it used to be. High efficiency (HE) appliances work to lower your electric bill. Don’t sell yourself short by using the outdated technology that usually comes with a resale house.

  4. Your new construction home will make a great primary residence or investment property

  5. Ability to Customize... New construction homes in NJ are usually built based upon a spec. If you want to be able to customize your new home, you will have the option with a new construction home. You can work with the realtor to communicate your requests to the builders. They will make sure things are done the way you envision, and in compliance with building codes. Designing the home of your dreams is easy with this approach. Buy a new construction in the early stages, or buy it preconstruction, and you can have it built according to your specifications.

  6. Faster Appreciation... New construction homes in NJ tend to appreciate faster than other types of properties. When newly constructed houses start popping up, the demographics change in a way that attracts more retail stores, more schools, and other amenities to serve the growing population. This means that you could buy a very affordable house in a typical beach town community, and within a few years, the value of your house will increase dramatically because the already-high property value will skyrocket.

  7. Bet you never thought about these next three advantages to new construction homes in NJ!

  8. Easy Access to a Green Card… This is not a joke, and there is nothing shady about it! According to law EB-5 Immigrant Investor Program, foreigners can get a green card for investing in new construction homes in NJ. Smart people are taking advantage of this awesome little secret. International students who plan to pursue a career in America are finding this option to be especially beneficial. Foreign parents can invest in a new construction home in NJ-either to rent it out, sell it, or take up residence- and the entire family becomes eligible to receive green cards in exchange for their local investment. By spending $500k or more on a new construction project that helps create local jobs, you and your dependent children get onto a fast track for legal status.

  9. No Junk Mail for Previous Residents… This may seem minor, but you can imagine how annoying it would be to have a mailbox full of letters addressed to the previous homeowners. Mail forwarding doesn’t work too well, so it’s bound to happen. You’ll also receive tons of junk mail and ads intended for the old residents.

    Another thing to consider is what type of reputation the previous homeowners had. If they were low tippers, the deliveryman might take the long way to deliver pizza to your house. These types of things might not bother you, but they can add up and impact your homeowner experience.

  10. Start Fresh... There’s something unexplainable about owning a brand new, modern beach house. Everything is spotless and fresh as the ocean breeze coming through your windows. There are no stains to hide, no chips to cover, or odors to get rid of. The owners of new construction homes in NJ have a fresh advantage for their families or investment projects.

  11. Here’s one last benefit to remember about original homeowners: You won’t need to worry about having a sentimental old resident show up like Ben Affleck in Surviving Christmas, if you buy new construction homes in NJ. That would just be awkward for everyone. You can’t be too careful. Shop wisely.

    New construction homes in NJ are a better investment than resale houses

    If you’re in the market to buy a house or investment property, the new construction homes in NJ should be on your radar. Resale housing may have a lower listing price, but you’ll lose more money in the long run. Start from scratch with new construction and you’ll save yourself a lot of headaches, plus your house will be worth more later if you ever wish to sell it.